We recommend following our simple process for making a reservation to join JOYFIT.
Detailed explanations are provided on the “SPORTS CLUB JOYFIT” and “FITNESS GYM JOYFIT24” homepages.





Flow of trial visit and trial

Often with sports clubs, first time visits are a source of anxiety. People wonder what makes a particular sports club different from others.
Please note that trial visits are not offered at some stores and during certain times of the year. Also, please note that at some stores, a fee is charged for trying out the equipment, etc. Please make sure to contact the relevant store in advance and ask for information.

1 Apply for trial visit and trial

Please apply to visit and trial on whatever day is convenient for you.
It is possible to observe our facilities free of charge. We can accommodate you at any time during our business hours.
Please feel free to come to our clubs.

2 Store that you would like to visit

Please go to the store that you have applied to visit.
Please check information on parking for vehicles and bicycles on the store’s webpage in advance.

3 Guidance at the facilities

Staff members will provide guidance at the store. If you have applied to try out equipment, etc., please bring the following items. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Items to bring

It is not necessary to bring the following items if you will only be observing our equipment, etc.

●Any type clothing in which it is easy to train and move Many people wear a t-shirt and jersey pants or shorts.

●Indoor training shoes (Please bring exercise shoe that are for indoor use and not outdoor use.) We recommend fitness shoes that have cushioning.

●Towels(for wiping sweat and for showering)


An initial orientation session

After joining, an orientation session is available for persons who would like one. During the initial orientation session, our staff members attentively provide explanations regarding the facilities, how to use the machines, and methods for training, etc. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff members. Simple counseling is also offered, so beginners can have a sense of reassurance.

Items to bring

Please bring the following items to the front desk.The formal application process will begin once you have been given an explanation concerning the facilities and the membership fee system, etc. (This explanation will take about 15 minutes.)

Items needed for the member
registration process



※1 This can be a driver’s license, insurance card, passport, basic resident register card, or alien registration card. (Form of identification showing your “name,” “address,” and “date of birth.”) If the person joining is a minor,a guardian needs to apply on his or her behalf. In this case, an identity document of the guardian is needed.
※The items to bring may vary from one store to another. Please check with the store where you will be joining.