JOYFIT24 is a fitness gym specializing in exercise machines
that is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
It draws upon the machine-only training approach available at SPORTS CLUB JOYFIT.
This gym places a focus on ease and convenience,
based on affordable monthly fees and business hours enabling customers
to exercise as much as they like, whenever they like.

マシンジム特化型フィットネス・ジム ジョイフィット24の6つの便利なポイント!

Unlimited use of the entire gym
for an affordable monthly fee.

“I want to go to the gym, but it’s closed...”
It is possible to enjoy fitness
at any time you like,
such as when you are feeling inspired
or when you have some spare time.

We offer an extensive assortment
of aerobic exercise machines,
as well as free weights and dumbbells
for building muscle.

We have a card key authentication system
that is linked with Secom,
so even women using our facilities alone
late at night can feel reassured.

Changing rooms and shower rooms for women
are provided. This is a comfortable space
designed with a focus on maintaining privacy,
that provides a sense of reassurance to women!

It is possible to use
any store of the JOYFIT Group!

※Please note that the features offered vary from one store to another.