Display of information based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction

Name of business operator

Wellness Frontier Co., Ltd.

Name of representative

Tomoki Kaneso


Tokyo Traffic Kinshicho Building 3F
4-26-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0022

Contact information

TEL:03-6659-6491 MAIL:info@joyfit.jp

Sales prices (initial costs at time of joining)

Two months’ worth of the monthly fee stipulated by the relevant branch (Depending on the application period, there are cases in which this is one month’s worth.)

  • ・Initial membership fee
  • ・Registration fee
  • ・Taxes as stipulated in laws and ordinances

*The monthly fee for the first month onward shall be paid by automatic transfer from the customer’s designated financial institution.

Payment method

Credit card payment, or account transfer from a financial institution (expenses at time of joining stipulated above)

Time of payment

In accordance with the rules related to withdrawals of the credit card company used

Time of delivery of goods (time of provision of services)

After the procedures specified by Wellness Frontier have been completed (after the user has given approval at the branch), the customer can promptly use the services.

Matters related to returns (refunds)

Expenses at the time of joining that have been received through settlement or payment via the internet cannot be refunded for any reason. Returns (refunds) accompanying membership withdrawal or expulsion shall be based on membership rules specified by Wellness Frontier or the rules of a money collection agency designated by Wellness Frontier.