Is it possible to visit on a trial basis
(to observe and/or try out equipment, etc.)?

If you would like to observe equipment, etc., this can be done at any time during business hours when staff members are on duty. If you are considering joining and would like to try out equipment, etc., it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.
For details, please contact the relevant store directly.
Please note that at some storees it is not possible to try out equipment, etc.

What items and clothing do I need for trying out equipment, etc.?

Any basic clothing that is easy to move in--such as a t-shirt and shorts or jersey pants--is acceptable. Please wear shoes that are for indoor use. If you will be using the pool, it is necessary to bring a swimsuit and a swim cap.

How long does the member registration procedure take?

Please allow about 30 minutes per person for this procedure.
We offer “making a reservation to join via the web,” and this lets you make a reservation for membership registration procedures from your computer at home. This is very convenient because it makes the procedures at the front desk much smoother.

Items needed for the member registration process

The items needed for member registration are as follows.
Please bring the following items to the front desk.

  1. Identity document ※1
  2. Bank or postal savings ATM card bearing your name
  3. Bankbook for withdrawals
  4. Seal associated with bankbook for withdrawals
This can be a driver’s license, insurance card, passport, basic resident register card, or alien registration card. (Form of identification showing your “name,” “address,” and “date of birth.”) If the person joining is a minor, a guardian needs to apply on his or her behalf. In this case, an identity document of the guardian is needed.
The items to bring may vary from one store to another. Please check with the store where you will be joining.

Can I use both the store closest to my home and the store closest to my place of work?

Whichever store you join, you can use JOYFIT nationwide. Easy procedures at registered stores are required. Procedure is free. Please feel free to contact the store staff for details.

Time members will be outside the scope of 【DOKODEMO-JOY】.
Female members of JOYFIT and JOYFIT24 can use JOYFIT YOGA at extra charge.
There are stores that can not be used in part, or stores that require separate fee. For details, please contact the store.

I would like to use JOYFIT after work.
Is there a place where I can keep my clothes, shoes, shampoo, and so on?

There are contract lockers (fee-based). Please conclude a contract for one of these when you register as a member.

I do not have any experience with exercising. Is this a problem?

Sports Club JOYFIT offers a “100-day Challenge Program” (free of charge) and an orientation session for newly joined members and beginners. FITNESS GYM JOYFIT24 offers an orientation session for such members.
Members can try out training methods and use facilities together with staff members so it is possible receive a sense of reassurance.

If I join partway through the month,
will I have to pay the entire membership fee for the month?

The system varies from one store to another. Please check with the relevant store before visiting.