Privacy Policy

We use the personal information you have provided as a member or trading partner of JOYFIT for the purpose of developing better services to satisfy our members, promoting such services, and recruitment, etc. We will endeavor to properly manage and protect personal information in accordance with these guidelines and in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Act"),etc.

1.Use of Personal Information

We will not use your personal information for purposes other than those set forth below.

General business
・For orders, shipping, payment and support in relation to services at all JOYFIT locations
・To provide information about our services, etc.
・To provide information about seminars, etc.
・To send e-mail, and provide the services set forth on other websites
・To ship and provide prizes
Service development
・To develop better services
・To request participation in questionnaires, etc.
・To survey and analyze awareness and attitudes
・To contact you as necessary in relation to surveys
Customer support
・To properly respond to enquiries and consultation, etc.
・To investigate and respond to complaints, etc.
・To report to you about accidents and product recalls, etc.
・To contact you about other emergencies when necessary
・To prevent crime and maintain facility safety
・To verify your identity and the identity of your agent, etc.
・To deliver responses and contact you when necessary
・To exercise our rights and perform our obligations under the Companies Act
・To exercise our rights and perform our obligations in relation to transactions
・To collect information and contact you as necessary
・To obtain your approval when necessary
・For recruitment activities
・To manage prospective employees
・To promote our employment opportunities
・To provide information about our company

2.The Proper Management and Protection of Personal Information

We implement the following measures to ensure the proper management and protection of your personal information

  • ・We have appointed a personal information management officer in each department that handles personal information
  • ・We have developed in-house regulations that conform to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act as well as the guidelines on the protection of personal information of each ministry and agency
  • ・We educate and enlighten our employees on the importance of the protection of personal information as well as aforementioned regulations, etc.

3.Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide or disclose your personal information to any third party except under the following circumstances.

  • ・When you have agreed to the disclosure of your personal information in advance
  • ・Based on laws and regulations
  • ・In the case of the provision or disclosure of your personal information to subcontractors within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use
  • In the case of the provision of your personal information along with succession to our business by merger, company split or transfer, etc.

4.Management of Subcontractors

We may provide or disclose personal information to subcontractors within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use. However, we only select subcontractors who we feel properly handle personal information.

5.Response to Requests to Disclose or Correct, etc. Personal Information

You may request that we notify you of the purpose of use of your personal information, disclose or correct (modify, add or delete) your personal information, stop using or erase your personal information, or stop providing your personal information to third parties. We will then confirm your identity and respond to your request so long as there are no reasonable grounds to refuse. Please direct such requests to the contact listed in the following clause.

6.Enquiries and Complaints, etc. Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

Please direct enquiries, etc. concerning the handling of your personal information to your nearest JOYFIT location or the following e-mail address. We will endeavor to promptly provide an appropriate response.

JOYFIT Sports Club Enquiries

7.Revision and Improvement of the Handling of Personal Information

We strive to revise and continuously improve our handling of personal information. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change without notice in conjunction with aforementioned revision and improvements.